Establishing and promoting best practices is a vital part of the DCREC mission. The Best Practices Committee is charged with engaging the broader DC community – including plan sponsors, consultants, related industry organizations (REIS, NCREIF, PREA) and regulators – to review best practices and establish standards. 


 Generally Accepted Practices for Recordkeeping Private Real Estate Funds in Defined Contribution Plans

The purpose of this paper is to address perceived operational complexities and provide confidence to fiduciaries, record keepers, custodians and other administrative service providers in accessing and administering less liquid options in a daily valued environment.

Glossary   DCREC Glossary

This Glossary is a reference source for key terms commonly used in discussions on real estate investments in defined contribution plans. It does not attempt to serve as a comprehensive list of investment terms. This document will be updated on a regular basis as new terms are deemed valuable.  To suggest new terms for inclusion, please email us.

Product Structures & Investor Eligibility   Direct Real Estate in DC Plans:
10 Key Principles For Product Structures & Investor Eligibility

Examining the compatibility with the defined contribution market, recordkeeper systems, institutional quality, transparency, strong investor regulatory protections and cost efficiency

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RFP Checklist

  Checklist For Effective Use of Private Real Estate
in DC Plans

The first-ever Checklist for defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors and consultants considering the addition of private real estate as an investment option in DC plans.

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Principles of Daily Valuation


Private Real Estate in DC:  Ten Key Principles Recommended for Daily Valuation of Private Equity Real Estate Investments

A guide to understanding best practices in daily valuation covering topics such as incorporating third-party appraisals, establishing an objective daily valuation process and recognizing the impact of material events.  This guide also highlights currently accepted methods for daily valuation.

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