Real estate is already widely recognized as an important asset class in most comprehensive investment solutions—including defined benefit (DB) retirement plans, endowments, trusts and foundations. In the DC universe, however, most plan participants currently have little to no opportunity to tap into real estate investments within their plans.       

To facilitate broader inclusion of real estate vehicles within DC plans, DCREC has undertaken a number of independent research studies that illustrate the value of including real estate investments in DC plans.

In 2014, a DCREC report analyzed for the first time the impact of adding a real estate allocation into a broad range of DC portfolios. This study found that adding a 10 percent mix of private and public real estate into a traditional 60/40 stock/bond blend enhanced the risk/return profile, dampened volatility and resulted in improved outcomes for participants.

DCREC embarked on a second groundbreaking analysis in 2015 that will be repeated on an ongoing basis to track industry growth and product expansion. By surveying investment managers to determine the size and scope of available real estate products within DC plans, DCREC was able to establish a baseline for real estate assets under management in the DC marketplace.

18 June 2019
The Importance of Meaningful REIT Allocations inTarget-Date Funds

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1 August 2017
Real Estate as an Investment for Individual Investors - Beyond the Primary Residence

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1 December 2016
DCREC Real Estate Allocation in the DC Lifecycle: A Dynamic Approach

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5 November 14
DCREC released its study and white paper findings on allocating real estate assets to retirement portfolios.

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24 March 2014
Today the DCREC has released a Fiduciary Framework Statement prepared with input from six leading national law firms with experience in ERISA and investment issues.


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