A Path to Better Retirement Outcomes Research Study

Defined Contribution plans could have benefited from adding real estate to their portfolios, achieving similar performance and in some cases better results when compared to portfolios without real estate, while avoiding some of the pitfalls experienced by plan participants in the wake of serious market disruptions. Even a modest 10% allocation to listed and unlisted real estate can produce a stabilizing effect, according to the DCREC sponsored study.

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Authors of the Study:
Michael E. Drew
Adam N. Walk Jason West

  The Study

A Path to Better Retirement Outcomes November 2014 (PDF)

Path to Better Retirement Outcomes Executive Summary (PDF)

Full Video Presentation (33 minutes)

Accretive Benefits of Adding Real Estate (43 seconds)

Dependency Matters (1 minute)

Reasons for Investing in Real Estate (44 seconds)


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New Study Finds Adding Real Estate to DC Plans Can Improve Retirement Outcomes (PDF)

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