Industry Research

In addition to funding and sponsoring our own proprietary research, DCREC acts as a curator for important third-party research, providing access to studies and reports from leading industry and academic sources.


June 2023
Has the Lack of Asset Diversification in DC Retirement Plans Been a Costly Missed Opportunity?

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3 November 2022
Private Real Estate Funds are up 7.4%. Can more DC participants get a foot in the door?

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27 June 2022
Keith Knox, Treasurer, Tax Collector and Public Administrator for the County of Los Angeles, Highlights the Use of Real Estate as a Diversifier Within Target Date Funds

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20 June 2022
Core Private Real Estate Fortifies Defined Contribution Multi-Asset Portfolios

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December 2019
NCREIF: NFI - Daily Priced Annual Report

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April 2020
Principal Real Estate Investors: Private real estate’s DC opportunity

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March 2020
Real Estate as an Asset Class

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June 2019
Fiduciary Framework for Investment by Defined Contribution Plans in Alternative Assets

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Private Real Estate in DC Plans: The Next 10 Years (June 12, 2023) 

Greg Jenkins and Jani Venter outline four reasons why they believe this asset class will make inroads into defined contribution plans over the coming decade.

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