Defined Contribution Real Estate Council (DCREC) Launches Updated Website

Site continues to act as a clearinghouse for research, data, news, and other information on the use of real estate in defined contribution (DC) plans

NEW YORK, (August 26, 2020) – The Defined Contribution Real Estate Council (DCREC), a leading nonprofit organization created to encourage the inclusion of direct commercial real estate and real estate securities in defined contribution (DC) plans as a way to improve participant outcomes, announced today that it has launched a redesign of its website. The site brings together data, news, and other resources on the use of real estate in DC plans, including:
  • Proprietary research from DCREC;
  • Industry and other third-party research;
  • White papers on a range of best practices including Daily Valuation, Recordkeeping, Product Structure, and an RFP Checklist;
  • Podcasts focused on topics like daily valuation;
  • Links to significant news on significant regulatory developments and other news;
  • A members-only database and community forum; and,
  • A new section, “Conversations with Industry Leaders,” that will feature regular interviews with senior executives from leading companies in the defined contribution and real estate industries, as well as plan sponsors and consultants.
“The focus of the website remains on providing our members and other interested parties with the resources and educational tools they need to better understand the benefits of including a real estate option in defined contribution plans, as well as practical information for implementing these strategies,” said Sara Shean, co-president at DCREC and executive director at PGIM Real Estate.

Added Michael O’Connor, co-president and managing director at Clarion Partners, “The new site is designed to be faster and easier to navigate. We’re especially excited about the addition of the online forum and database that will make it simpler for members to keep up with the news and events shaping the industry.”

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