• Thousands of companies and millions of Americans depend on defined contribution (DC) plans to help them prepare for a secure retirement. The Defined Contribution Real Estate Council (DCREC) was launched in 2012 with the goal of improving long-term savings outcomes for future retirees through the use of direct commercial real estate and real estate securities in DC plans.


DCREC is the only membership organization dedicated to advocating for the inclusion of direct commercial real estate and real estate securities in defined contribution plans to improve participant outcomes. With an advocacy group made up of more than 150 leaders. Collectively, their firms oversee approximately $1.5 trillion in investment assets.



DCREC provides a platform for industry collaboration, establishes best practices, and develops educational resources to advance the use of private and publicly-traded real estate in defined contribution plans.



Defined contribution plans are increasingly the foundation for the future financial security of millions of Americans. Research shows that real estate as an asset class helps provide better retirement outcomes for many individuals.


Outlook on Returns/Inflation & How Public and Private Work Together in a Portfolio 

May 22, 2022, on Broadcast Retirement Network (BRN), DCREC Members Tim Wang (Clarion), John Worth (Nareit), and Nick Colley (CBRE) join BRN to discuss inflation and how to integrate public and private real estate into a portfolio.