DCREC’s nearly 40 members collectively manage or oversee approximately $1.4 trillion in investment assets. They include many of the world’s leading real estate managers, service providers, and consultants, among others. They are joined together by a single mission: to further the use of commercial real estate and real estate securities in defined contribution plans as a vehicle for improving plan participant outcomes and, ultimately, enhancing retirement security for millions of Americans.

Joining DCREC provides access to membership meetings, seminars, and other events, held both in-person and virtually, which are designed to promote dialogue among industry leaders and to positively impact aggregate asset growth. Members have access to industry-leading research, articles, surveys, and best practices. In addition, they have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the organization's future initiatives. 

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Benefits of Membership Include:

  • Access to leading industry research
  • Opportunities for high-level peer-to-peer networking
  • Participation in industry-changing committee level activity
  • Providing input on establishing and publishing industry best practices
  • Promoting growth by overcoming barriers and obstacles of including commercial real estate in defined contribution plans
  • Access to leaders in the industry
  • Participation in closed-door roundtable discussions for sharing ideas, concepts & business practices 

DCREC Members

Private Real Estate in DC Plans: The Next 10 Years (June 12, 2023) 

Greg Jenkins and Jani Venter outline four reasons why they believe this asset class will make inroads into defined contribution plans over the coming decade.

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